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RecordVault Storage Specs

The detailed data storage specifications for the RecordVault are listed below.

Data Storage Specifications

The RecordVault is capable of storing hundreds and thousands of individual data types such as documents, faxes, voice recordings, images and videos. Typically, each person will have a mixture of these data types (files) on the same device that represents their personal electronic record. A typical electronic record is listed below indicating how many data types fit into 4 GB of memory on your device.

Typical Mix of Personal Electronic Records Data


RecordVault 4 GB Capacity

Data Type


Typical Totals

  MS Word Documents 2000 Character OpenXML 10,000
  Camera Images 10 M pixel JPEG 100
  FAX Documents 500 dpi Bitmap 100
Audio Recordings 128 Kbs, 4 min, MP3 100
  Medical Images PC-Based High Res JPEG 500
  MRI/CT Study 64 Images/Study 10
  Mammography 4 High Res Images/Study 10
  X-Ray Images Digitized 100


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